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victim as life. >> he punched her in the face and came through the window. >> one of the victims awoman in her 70s ended up feet arunaway from her front step screaming for help. >> there were two men, one was beating on her, the other was saying, don't hurt her, don't hurt her. she is an old lady but the one hitting her would not stop. >> she was punched and kicked, and then escaped to a neighbor's home, what worries the police is how the men chased the women. >> for them to take it a step further and chase the victims down the street. very violent suspects and somebody that we are concerned will escalate their violence. >> the two men tried to break in to more cars before the home invasion. >> my neighbor's car got broken into and the neighbor down the street, you see all the police action down there, their cars
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got broken into and up the street, a car got broken into. >> we know a lot of people get their property broken into, houses, cars, i mean, it's a normal thing around here. >> we spoke with several people that said they were too scared to be identified on camera. including one young woman that lives down the street, she said that she just returned home half an hour before the attack. >> you do not feel safe, you do not know who is watching you or coming here, as a woman, i don't feel safe around here. >> detectives from the robbery are unit have been assigned to this case. coming up tonight at 6:00, we hear from a series of people saying these crimes are becoming to frequent. >> thank you, now to a nicer topic. you are ready? the super bowl is less than 48
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hours away. and for the first time ever, two brothers share the joint news conference. they taub eed -- they talked abt the competition that has everyone talking. >> and tickets, believe it or not, it's not to late. we have live team coverage of the super bowl. let's go to san jose international airport, where scott budman is tracking ticket deals and the crowds going to the big ease. >> it's still expensive to get to the super bowl, no doubt, but ticket prices are coming down as we approach the last minute. earlier today, we online to check for ticket prices and they are down by 50% since last week. that is a sign that those with the tickets are getting desperate to sell them. if you have an airline ticket, give yourself plenty of time and bring your patience. >> it's complicated, we are
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flying to jackson mississippi and driving three hours to -- >> new orleans. >> we are not staying in new orleans. we are staying in biloxi. which is an hour and a half outside of new orleans and then driving in to the game. so we have to find a place to put the car in new orleans and then take public transit. it will be a lot of driving. >> and we did find plenty of bay area football fans catching flights to new orleans. with one travel day left, you want to make the plans soon. ticket prices have been dropping on stubhub, we found cheap seats for $1200 and we can tell you it mab tough to make the plans, but there are flights from the bay area to new orleans again tomorrow. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> scott budman may be jumping on a flight any time. let's wring in ahmed, we have jim harbaugh, and his son, jay harbaugh, an intern and his
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brother, john harbaugh. >> keeping it all in the family, the parents and family are here. the moment the last second came off the clock in the game between the patriots and ravens, the storyline of had harbaugh exploded, the storyline got just a little bit bigger. jim and john taking the stage earlier today to address questions from the media. it was the first time in history that both super bowl head coaches held a combined press conference, john a little better dressed and long winded but the brother-in-law love was present. >> and just want to start by saying what an honor it is for both of us to be here with each other. no question about it, what a very exciting moment it is. but more than that, to -- for our families to be here.
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>> i concur. the way the players have played, to me, that is why we are here. not because of any coaching decisions or any way that we were when we were kids. but, you know, so, really a credit to those men and looking forward to the game. >> i concur. >> we are with fiercely loyal. there's no do it. we all would say. that not just of one another and we always have been. that -- that's definitely not ever going to change. we will continue to be fiercely loyal and protective of one another. but also of our teams. and jim had mentioned earlier in the week, he talked about the brotherhood, the band of brothers that will take the field. it's a christmas day speech, he has it memorized, it's unbelievable. brilliant. the band of brothers will be the band olt sideline, it will be the ravens and the 49ers sighline. that will be the band of brothers in the competition. >> and yes, i concur with all of
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that, the harbaugh brothers having a little fun out there. they did add that if time came in the future for one to coach forward and the other work under the other brother, they would be on okay with that. with the success they have had, i do not see it happening any time soon. we will take a look behind the kaepernicking kiss of the bicep, that is coming up. >> so much fun to see the family together. as the game gets close, players and coaches are starting to lock in and focus on nothing but football, but the super bowl is a family affair, we are talking wives, kids and grandmas, while the team is working the families are enjoying the super bowl spotlight. we have that part of the story. >> hey, thank you. i'm sensing a theme with the harbaugh family. we have jim, john, jay, joanie and jack, and now you aring
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looking at the other coaches. what are they doing to enjoy their time here, and the families too. we met up with a nice woman and her five kids today that were at the mardi gras museum. it's the tight ends coach wife, and you got to see the day out on the town. take a look. >> the locals are calling it super gras a collection of weeks here in new orleans where the super bowl and mardi gras collide, and for the families of the coaches. the team's sunday appearance means trips around town to enjoy the city's unique flare. in mardi gras world, the history of the parade and floats were stored was an activity. she enjoyed the day with her kids. >> it's been amazing, the kids are having a blast and the 49ers have just done everything up. in an amagz way for the families, everyone has been involved, everyone has been helpful, and it's just been a
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great experience and the game has not even begun. >> it was a day that took on a carnival like atmosphere around the facility. ray lewis made an appearance on the streets. the spotlight is bright and all manner of characters are starting to make the scene. >> things are starting to get crazy a bit. that guy, i don't know what his deal is anyway, coming up tonight at 6:00, we have jerry rice a day in the life and much more, we will see you in a bit. >> looking forward to that, thank you. nbc bay area is your place for everything 49ers. tomorrow at 9:00 p.m., don't forget to tune in for our prime time super bowl special from new orleans. and after the game on sunday, switch to nbc bay area after the game for the live 49ers post game show live for the big easy. >> and we are getting into the big game on sunday, the battle
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on super sunday. the puppy bowl. brian williams will take us behind the scenes of the football themed adoption frenzy. that is coming up on nightly news. >> still to come at 5:00, they are watching you. the san francisco police and district attorney warn fans that are planning to get out of control. what they are calling their secret weapon. >> plus, we had to pull out all the stops for this guy. he was that dw. >> and by good, they mean dangerous. the search for a criminal, how police finally got their man. and a kidnapping attempt that wasn't. a mother being investigated for sparking a fake amber alert. >> and i'm in the weather center after a few 70s, numbers are starting to cool off and rapidly. 61 in san jose and 59 in livermore, we are tracking this surge of clouds. we will let you know what it means coming up.
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>> tonight, the prime minister in turkey iblaming a leftist group for a bombing outside the embassy. secretary of state hillary clinton said that this bombing highlights the dangerous times we live in right now. she said her final goodbyes to the staffers thanking them for making the world a stronger, safer and fairer place. >> i'm proud to have been secretary of state. i will miss you. i will probably be dialing ops just to talk. >> clinton was very popular at the state department.
5:13 pm
getting loud cheers from workers everywhere she went today. her successor former senator john kerry was sworn in today as a private ceremony. >> in san jose, police used their most sophisticated equipment and tactics to arrest a criminal they called the worst of the worst. the team descended on a southeast side apartment. their target was this man. mitchell pope suspected in two shootings and other crimes. armored officers threw flash bang devices through the wibd on window, and they were prepared for the worst, but it ended peacefully. >> he was good at hiding where he was hiding out, and out in public, it was indicative of someone who knew they were wanted. >> san jose does not have one of those ten most wanted type
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lists. but they said if there was one, he would be on it. >> a bizarre story out of oakland, police trying to figure out what led a woman to report a kidnapping that resulted in a amber a alert, there was no kidnapping and no child. she said that the woman crashed the car and took off with her daughter. that man, she said, was dangerous. and a few hours later, the man called the police and said they did not have a toddler and the woman had made up the story. >> you may recall in 1995, the last time the 49ers won, sfpd arrested almost 200 people. there were problems after the giants won the world series. this time, career tolerance. today, another stern warning
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from the da, he noted that the internet and cell phone cameras makes catching people who cause damage easier. >> there's a false sense of security that you are in the middle of a crowd and everyone is drunk. the reality is that with the proliferation of portable phones that carry the ability to video and to take pictures, you are never going to that have that anonymity. >> he is prosecuting 14 cases in connection with the world series damage in october. he said that the key evidence comes from cell phones. >> from the grid iron to the ice, kaepernicking is not just on the football field. during the sharks game, logan couture scored a goal and celebrated by kaepernicking. there you see it, he kissed had his bicep for the crowd. the sharks are undefeated with a
5:16 pm
7-0 record, best start in their franchise history. >> we have been around here for a long time, i cannot think of when we had all the teams doing so well. giants, as. niners -- >> and the weather has been fantastic. a lot of sunshine. >> do you though who is behind me? >> yes, each and every year he makes his way to the weather map. look at that, concern on his face. i think all the extreme weather across the united states the past couple of months has him worried and who knows, maybe the early spring across the bay area could be a sign of what is to come. look at this, 75 in gilroy, that was the warmest. and morgan hill 70, and palo alto 71. if you want more of the weather to condition. here is how it continues. the groundhog does not see his shadow tomorrow, that means an early spring. according to the groundhog, i don't know, i don't think he has made up his mind yet. he is going spring, winter?
5:17 pm
spring, winter? >> we will go to the sky camera network on this friday. you see a lot of haze down the silicon valley. we have increased air quality that will continue to go down here and an incredible sunset. this is one of the best of the weeks. san mateo bridge right now, drivers no doubt had the sunglasses on at fi5:18 tonight. it's still, we have cloud cover moving overhead and it will continue to moderate our weather as we go through the week. let's get back to the weather boards. the biggest change we are noting right now is the southerly surge of a stratus deck that will increase cloud cover tonight and for the first part of the weekend. we have a jet stream, it's been in the same situation, and now it's moderating and pushing to the south and here comes a small weekend system. it will be dry, no rain fall with it, but it will increase the cloud cover from the south
5:18 pm
and keep the air very, very still. most notably the wind will shift from an off shore window to more on shore, that bring 50 gs at the coast line and 60s at the interior valley. saturday, morning fog and areas of drizzle. and as we go through sunday, it will be a mix of sun and clouds. air quality will be an issue, the worst in the central and east bay at unhealthy levels. you may want to limit the outdoor exposer tomorrow. patchy fog in the north pay. and 39 in livermore. and for your saturday, it's going to be that hazy sunshine with mid 60s up here to the north bay. and 65 in san jose. on your three day forecast. no rain in sight as we head through the up coming weekend. as we go through monday, clouds continue to increase, and by next week, we get showers in here by wednesday night and also in to thursday and friday as well. according to the seven-day forecast, this may mean the
5:19 pm
groundhog sees his shadow. >> hm-mm. >> but from the weather we had lately, he may not see his shadow. >> we will have to see what he does. >> we will listen to you. >> i'll be on that. >> thanks. >> just ahead, free advertising on super bowl sunday. that story coming up. >> and the ethical battle over who pays for birth control, it gets a big boost after the break.
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>> oakland is now the first city in the country to issue i.d. karpds that double as debit cards. it gives people who may not have an i.d. a way to get one. unlike other city issued cards oakland will serve as a debit card allowing people that carry cash a more secure way to handle the money. you can preregister for the program now and cards will be issued in march. >> in health matters a c
5:22 pm
contraceptive compromise. women who work for religious affiliated organizations can get contraceptives from an outside insurancer with no cost to the employer. schools and churches took issue with providing a service that was not in line with their beliefs.
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>> $4 million to buy a 30 second commercial during the super bowl, but one person is going get time for free. the sports advertising company said that kaepernick and his tattoo will get four minutes of time. that translates to $16 million
5:25 pm
worth of advertising. for the man with the ink, here he is, he owns a shop called, called "endless ink" and the trend is making it on our morning show. look at that. that is marla showing off her kaepernick tattoo. >> we think. >> we think it's a fake. >> we think it's a fake. >> she said that john put it on her and it was up side down. >> but those biceps are impressive. it's time for the prediction. super bowl prediction. we have a highlight of what has happened the last couple of weeks if you missed out. >> do you give the points? >> i think it will be like by 14. the niners will win. >> oh, my. >> 49ers win it by 14. >> oh, drum roll. the niners are going to win by 4. >> no flags! and the 49ers will take over, up
5:26 pm
by 4. >> so you correctly predicted how many points the 49ers would beat the packers by and the falcons. this is the only person in the country to do this. >> i'm sweating. >> you have to give us the prediction. >> okay, i will give you the prediction. it's controversial. the number just popped in my head this morning. they will win the niners by one. >> oh. >> she is 2 for 2. >> see you at 6:00.
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deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. on the broadcast tonight, a wild ride for the american economy. stocks surge to their highest close in more than five years, nearing an all-time high. but unemployment ticked up. then there's the price of gas. suddenly sky-high again. there's been another terrorist attack on a u.s.
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outpost overseas. our own richard engel is there, all of it playing out when we get a new secretary of state. new rules in the ongoing fight over birth control coverage. the president makes an offer. the question is, will religious leaders give it their blessing? and the big game. it's all over, but the shouting, the fans are in place, the excitement is building. oh, but wait. we're talking about the puppy bowl on sunday. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. good evening. late today the stock market crossed over something of a mythic mark of the modern era and the dow jones industrials closed above 14,000 for the first time since 2007. and we all remember what happened back then. the stock market has been on a tear of late, gaining almost 7% so far this year. s&p and nasdaq also up. we started the day by learning

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